Filing by Petition

Perspective candidates shall file the following paperwork with the City of Fairview City Recorder:

1. Form SEL 101 – Candidate Filing – Major Political Party or Nonpartisan, with a check mark in the box “Prospective Petition” and designate the circulator pay status. 

2. Form SEL 121 – Candidate Signature Sheet / Nonpartisan.

Prior to circulating the prospective nominating petition the candidate needs to file a “Prospective Petition” with the City Recorder. A prospective petition is defined as: The information and filing forms, except signatures and other identification of the petition signers, required to be contained in a completed petition.

The City Recorder will review the prospective petition for required information. If the prospective petition is sufficient the City Recorder will give written approval to circulate the petition. Failure to obtain written approval to circulate your petition will result in the rejection of the signature sheets.

Once the petition has been approved to circulate, but before collecting any signatures, the candidate must review with circulators the legal requirements and guidelines for circulating a candidate nominating petition (see page 23 of the Candidates Manual). Failure to comply with the legal requirements and guidelines will result in rejection of those sheets.

You must obtain at least twenty-five (25) signatures of registered voters in the City of  Fairview.  I recommend that you obtain more than 25 signatures, as some of the signatures may be invalid.

Signature Verification
Once you have completed circulating your petition sheets (having obtained a sufficient number of signatures), and the Circulator Certification section is completed on each petition page, and your signature sheets have been numbered, then you must have the signatures verified by Multnomah County.

Take your petition sheets directly to Multnomah County Elections to have the signatures verified. You need to make sure that you submit your petitions to the County with enough time to ensure you are able to complete the filing process before the deadline of 4:00 PM on August 25, 2020.

Completing a Petition
To finish filing your Completed Petition you will need to file the following with the City Recorder no sooner than June 30, 2020 and no later than 4:00 PM on August 25, 2020:

1. Form SEL 338 – Petition Submission – Candidate.

2. Signature sheets certified by Multnomah County Elections Office with a minimum of 25 valid signatures.

Deadline to withdraw is 4:00 PM on August 28, 2020.