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 13-2019 URA 13-2019 URA
Approve Grant Application and Direct the City Administrator to Prepare and Execute Grant Agreement
12-2019 URA 12-2019 URA
Amend Private Development Grant Program
11-2019 URA 11-2019 URA
Authorize IGA with the City of Fairview RE: the Transfer of Tax Increment Revenues and Proceeds for the Purpose of Paying Financing Payments of the City
10-2019 URA 10-2019 URA
Authorize Reimbursement of Waived City of Fairview SDC’s as Outlined in City Resolution 32-2019
09-2019 URA 09-2019 URA
Authorize Raising the Maximum Amount of all Available Property Taxes Applicable to the Incremental Values in the Boundaries of the Fairview Urban Renewal District
08-2019 URA 08-2019 URA
Adopt the Fiscal Year 2019-20 Urban Renewal Agency Budget
07-2019 URA 07-2019 URA
Approve Private Development Grant Program
06-2019 URA 06-2019 URA
Authorize Supplemental Budget for Reservoir #1 Improvement Project
05-2019 URA 05-2019 URA
Approve System Development Charge Assistance Program
04-2019 URA 04-2019 URA
Authorize Signature of a MOU with the City of Fairview for a $650,000 Bridge Loan
03-2019 URA 03-2019 URA
Authorize Signature of an IGA with the City of Fairview for Operating and Financial Services
02-2019 URA 02-2019 URA
Appoint City Budget Committee Members as URA Budget Committee Members
01-2019 URA 01-2019 URA
Authorize Budget Appropriations for the Urban Renewal Agency