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Digital Assistance Pilot Program Application

  1. If you are a Fairview resident and would like to receive assistance from the City of Fairview Digital Assistance Pilot Program please submit the form below for consideration. If you are unable to complete this application online, please contact the program administrator by emailing or calling (503) 674-6236 for application assistance. This pilot program is funded and supported by the City of Fairview and ARPA funds.

    *Completing this application is not a guarantee of assistance. Assistance is based on available program resources.

  2. Preferred Contact Method*
  3. Do you need a translator/interpreter?
  4. Does someone in your household currently own a computer or tablet device that can connect to the internet?
  5. Do you currently have internet service at your home?
  6. Are you interested in receiving financial assistance to help pay for internet service?
  7. Are you currently enrolled in the Affordable Connectivity Program?*
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