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Digital Assistance Pilot Program Survey

  1. The following survey is intended to provide the City of Fairview with a better understanding of which residents needs what digital resources in its community. Please share this survey with other Fairview residents and if you or someone you know needs assistance filling it out, please contact the survey administrator by emailing or calling (503) 674-6236.
  2. Internet Access & Affordability Questions
  3. 1. Do you currently own a device other than a cell phone (i.e. computer or tablet) that is able to access the internet?
  4. 2. Do you currently have broadband internet service at your home?
  5. 3. Has cost ever been a factor in whether you have decided to pay for internet services?
  6. Demographic Questions
  7. 6. Are you a current Fairview resident?
  8. 7. How big is your household?
  9. 8. Do you have children?
  10. 9. What is your household’s income?
  11. 10. What is your race?
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