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Advisory Committee Speaker Request Form

  1. Please use this form to submit public comments to an Advisory Committee when you will not be attending the meeting live and in-person.

    Citizens may speak or provide written comment on agenda items. This document is a public record. 

  2. Instructions:

    Submit written comment 

    • Written comments must be received up to 24 hours prior to the Advisory Committee meeting to provide adequate time to provide the information to the Committee.   

    Request to speak during a meeting

    • Requests to speak live during a Advisory Committee meeting by remote means will be accepted from when the agenda is posted up to 5:00 PM the day prior to the Committee meeting.   
    • Requests to speak live submitted after the deadline will be provided to the Committee as written comment. 
    • Requests to speak live submitted prior to the deadline will receive an email with instructions on how to provide spoken comments with a remote option.  

    Advisory Committee Schedule and Agendas

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